About Us
In the year 2023, our company was established in the Istanbul Textile Market to create the best product portfolio and provide high-quality sales to our customers. Since our inception, our main goal has been to become a leading company in shopping in Istanbul and to conduct our sales worldwide via the internet, catering to our customers' needs in the most reliable way possible. As a prominent brand in the clothing sector, our ultimate aim is to offer a trustworthy shopping experience by increasing product variety, product quality, and service excellence on our website, becoming an internationally recognized fashion brand that represents creativity and responsibility, and providing the best service in sales to customers of all ages and from all countries.

Our Mission:
To achieve the highest customer satisfaction by enhancing product variety and service quality.

Our Vision:
To become a global brand with a focus on quality service.

Our Quality Policy:
Based on national and international standards, we aim to provide a high-quality service approach that focuses on customer and employee satisfaction, utilizes measurement and improvement mechanisms, and maintains organizational dynamism through continuous development.

Our Values:
Customer Satisfaction

Our HR Policy:
We strive to implement all human resources systems in an objective, fair, consistent, and reliable manner. We ensure that our employees contribute to the organization by maximizing their performance and motivation, feel valued, and develop their creativity. To achieve this, it is essential to establish, implement, and maintain the necessary human resources systems.

Recruitment Process:
As human resources, our most crucial objective is to place the right employee in the right position. The criteria may vary depending on the positions; however, our expectation for every position is to have candidates who meet the fundamental competencies in line with our company's values and ethical principles. Our open positions are announced on Kariyer.net. Candidates interested in working with our company can apply for the positions through Kariyer.net. Candidates are evaluated by the human resources department based on their past experiences and job competencies. Suitable candidates are called for an interview, and after competency-based interviews and reference checks, the job offer process begins.

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